1. CHARTER, DECLARATIONS, AND BY-LAWS:    Georgetown Community Services Association (CSA) is a state-chartered non-profit corporation.  The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Georgetown CSA establishes the membership and voting rights, provides for mandatory assessments, and generally grants the authority and scope of the Association’s activities. It establishes both the obligations and the rights of the members. The Supplementary Declaration of the Covenants and Restrictions extends all the provisions of the main Declaration to each parcel (such as Kings Grant, Village Green, Georgetown Townhomes, Georgetown Place, Sugar Mill, Hunters Pointe, Hunters Green, Lotts Landing, Audobon Park, Lion’s Gate, Heron Crest, The Abbey, Baron’s Place, Wexford, St. Ives, Knightsbridge, Eagles Landing, Magnolia Woods, Summerfield, and others) and then provides for additional assessments for specific services, as well as land use restrictions appropriate to each parcel. The By-laws of the Association are the general ground rules for the Association’s operation. They provide for assessment collection procedures, election and duties of the Board of Directors and the Officers, and certain Parliamentary procedures. Additionally, policy resolutions may be passed by the Board and provisions of each of the four basic legal documents which are: the Article of Incorporation, By-Laws, Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, and the Supplementary Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions.

2. MANAGEMENT:    The general membership, made up of owners and leases of residences in Georgetown, has responsibility for managing and operating the Community Services Association through its elected representative to the Board of Directors and through the staff hired by the Board.

3. MEMBERSHIP AND MAINTENANCE ASSESSMENTS:    In accordance with Georgia Law, the Covenants and Restrictions for Georgetown are recorded legal documents which constitute covenants running with the land. Anyone who purchases property in Georgetown takes title to their property subject to, and under the authority of, the recorded covenants and restrictions. Ownership of property in Georgetown and membership in the Georgetown Community Services Association can therefore not be separated unless and until the Association itself dissolves. Accordingly, each owner in Georgetown is subject to the assessment which is set by the Board of Directors and which constitutes a lien against the property in Georgetown, just as State and County taxes constitute liens against property.Assessments are used exclusively for promoting the recreation, safety and welfare of residents in the community and especially for improving and maintaining the common property.   Because the community has more than one housing type, and different services are rendered to different housing types, parcel assessments are levied against particular housing types or parcels to cover the cost of different parcel services rendered to those parcels.  Any assessments not paid when due are considered delinquent. Certain penalties may be levied for late payment, and the Association may place a lien on the property and bring legal action against the owner to pay the amount due.  In extreme cases, the Association may initiate foreclosure proceedings on the property.

4.  ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES:    The Declaration of Covenants sets certain rules for protecting the Architectural harmony of the community. They are administered by the Architectural Review Board (ARB).  Approval from the ARB must be obtained before making any exterior changes.  Plans and specifications for all proposed changes must be submitted in writing to the ARB.  The ARB will review the request and approve or disapprove it.  All requests for variances will be submitted by the ARB to the Board of Directors for final approval.

5.  MAINTENANCE OF PROPERTY:     The Declaration of Covenants imposes on each owner a duty to keep all property in Georgetown in good order and repair, and free of debris.  This includes, but is not limited to, seeding, watering, trimming, edging and mowing of all lawns, the pruning and cutting of all trees and shrubbery, the painting or other appropriate external care of all buildings, and other improvements, all in a manner with such frequency as is consistent with good property management.

Legal Documents:

 Articles of Incorporation              ByLaws              Georgetown Covenants

1st Amendment   2nd Amendment    3rd Amendment    4th Amendment

ARB Guidelines       Administrative Resolution 2012-3       3 Party Agreement  

 Commercial Lands   Lagoon Easements   Wild Heron McKenzie    Wild Heron Rice Mill

Subdivision Supplemental Declarations:

Parcel A    Parcel B     Parcel C     The Abbey     Audubon Park     Barons Place

Eagles Landing                  Eagles Landing II                Georgetown Estates

GT Townhomes       Georgetown Place       Heron Crest I           Heron Crest II

Heron Crest III         Hunters Green        Hunters Point Apts         Kings Grant

Kings Grant II       Kings Grant III       Kings Grant IV-A-1        Kings Grant V

Kings Grant VI      Kings Grant VII       Kings Grant VIII       Kings Grant IX-A

Kings Grant IX-B        Kings Grant X       Kings Grant XI-A      Kings Grant XII

Knightsbridge I            Knightsbridge II         Knightsbridge III         Lions Gate I

Lions Gate II             Lions Gate 3A            Lions Gate 3B             Lions Gate 3C

Lott's Landing            Magnolia Woods          Oxford Apts              Saint Ives

Sugar Mill I           Sugar Mill II              Sugar Mill III                Sugar Mill III-B

Sugar Mill IV            Sugar Mill V           Sugar Mill VI               Summerfield

Village Green I-1      Village Green I-2       Village Green II      Village Green II-Plat 2

Village Green III        Village Green V           Wexford I-A             Wexford II